Discover 3 Tips to Affordable Sustainable Home Design Architecture

Sustainable Home Design Architecture

We thought to create an article about affordable sustainable home design architecture dedicated to providing a solution to the lessons learned from our economic crisis in 2008-2009. Previous to this crisis, most of us lived beyond our means, working hard to gain more material wealth, build the big house, knowing that the money would continue to roll in to pay for it. This type of lifestyle kept us over worked and running too busy of a life to really enjoy the fruit of our labor.

Tip 1 – Sustainable Home Design Architecture
Keep Mortgage, Maintenance and Upkeep Low

Through sustainable home design architecture, we want to help people live a freer lifestyle by providing a sustainable home design that requires a smaller mortgage payment, less maintenance to upkeep, and smaller energy bills to pay…so you have more time to do what you love.

Tip 2 – Sustainable Home Design Architecture
Keep Construction Costs Low

We promote a sustainable way of living by creating sustainable home designs that will have affordable construction costs (which means a low monthly mortgage payment), low maintenance requirements (which frees up your weekends), and lower energy requirement (which helps you keep more of your hard earned money).

Tip 3 – Sustainable Home Design Architecture
Keep Balance of Privacy With Neighborhood social interaction

We also offer sustainable home design for intentional communities that provides a home in designed community setting that balances privacy with neighborhood social interaction; creates shared common facilities and provides a safe, welcoming atmosphere to connect with your neighbors in the community setting while reducing individual expenses of private ownership of these shared amenities.  Please call for me details….research “co-housing”.

Contact us to ask about our new line of pre-designed, pre-priced  ‘smart homes’;  that promote affordable sustainable home design, high-style, energy efficient, healthy lifestyles.  We are able to provide  predetermined low construction costs from our affiliated contractors and modular factories. We offer affordable sustainable home design services to make any custom changes to our pre-designed plans, or to offer you an entirely new, custom sustainable home design architecture plan.

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