About Us

 At Guram Architects we specialize in integrating “green” design techniques and renewable energy systems into custom single-family residential architecture and multi family affordable housing. Guram Architects is a company who offers high-end sustainable design at affordable and competitive prices.

We encourage and promote, but never push, energy efficient and “green” design by offering education about green design to our clients and offering discounted rates on our architectural services when our clients choose environmentally responsive options for design and/or construction. The incentives to build “green” include increased comfort, a healthier environment for the occupants, lower utility bills, and higher re-sale value, while being good stewards of our natural environment. There are many options and degrees to creating a “green” building or a “green” development. We offer, at your request, suggestions and information about “green” building solutions and design techniques so that you can consider your possibilities and decide what meets your needs and expectations for your project. Guram Architects is an advocate of co-housing and community enhancing developments. We support design that builds strong community and in turn brings about a higher quality of living.

Rani Guram