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Guram Architects’ team of experienced architectural strategic planners will conduct no cost, no obligation consultation interviews with you to determine your specific needs. When appropriate during the discovery phase, Guram Architects will also use a variety of tools from simple site visit to flow charts and surveys to facilitated discoveries and competitive benchmarking to fully understand your desired vision, identity, culture, and processes.

Guram Architects will then create the Architectural Strategic Plan, which can include core green sustainable architectural concepts to be integrated in design. Your Architectual Strategic Plan will also include current, and future programming, shared spaces, blocking and stacking, site analyses, and more.

This detail-oriented process will ensure that the space is delivered to meet the future needs of the you, its entities, & its people.

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Designing A Strategic Plan To Achieve
Your Vision

Service Plan

Service Plan

Service Plan

Outline Planning and Zoning requirements
Site Design
(new construction)
Obtain official Survey of the land
(new construction and additions)
Obtain soils report if applicable
(for new construction  and additions)

Take field measurements of existing building (for Remodels/Renovations)
Develop Design Program with client
Design/Develop Space planning-develop floor plans
Design/Develop exterior Elevations
Select Exterior Building Materials
Create Building Sections and Wall Sections
Design Roof Plan
Create window/door schedules
Design typical construction details
Design/Develop ceiling plan if applicable
Design/Develop electrical and lighting plan
Research Land Entitlements
Design Architectural details
Coordinate with Structural and Mechanical Engineers
Interior Design
Selection of wall and window/door base and case trim details
Select plumbing and lighting fixtures
Submit building permit drawings to Building Department
Lead bidding process and selection of
Compose preliminary cost estimates
Guide owner in establishing
contractual relation with Builder
Serve as owners representative
during the Construction phase
Respond to Builders questions
Manage Consultants’ project information
Conduct final walk-through “punch list” 

Let’s Discuss Your Architectural Needs…

Silver Service Plan
Gold Service Plan
Platinum Service Plan

Green Building Services:

Implement energy efficient design techniques for Passive Solar design:
Harness the solar benefits of the Natural environment to improve heating and lighting.

Implement Healthy House principles of design:

Improve indoor air quality through use of proper mechanical equipment to eliminate the build up of harmful gases and
moisture imbalance, choice of non off gassing materials, space planning to enhance spiritual harmony of Feng Shui

Energy usage computer analysis:

Conduct computerized analysis of projected energy usage of house based on form/building geometry, materials,
mechanical and electrical equipment and design, in order to reduce over all energy consumption and to project
sizing of alternative energy system: photovoltaic, solar hotwater, wind energy, geo thermal, etc.

Conduct “Blower door” test:

One test done before drywall to measure leaky duct work and gaps in insulation installation. Final Blower Door test
at Construction Completion to measure overall air infiltration of house.

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